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Luka Li

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All Day I Dream About Sex

Life :)

Oct 13th @ 12:14am EDT

You do not need permission to lead, create or think differently from other people.


Oct 10th @ 1:56am EDT

It is better to always know the truth than to believe in a lie. Yes?

way to success

Oct 6th @ 10:35pm EDT

Our big drawback is that we give up too quickly, I think the surest way to success is to try it all the time


Oct 6th @ 2:37am EDT

I am an ordinary person with ordinary thoughts and lived an ordinary life. I don't put up a monument, and my name will soon be forgotten, and yet I know love, and that's enough for me.


Oct 5th @ 5:00am EDT

I make many mistakes in life, like other people. Life unfortunately without instructions and without saving


Oct 4th @ 2:18am EDT

To make life happy, you need to love everyday little things. The radiance of clouds, the rustle of bamboo, the chirping of a flock of sparrows, the faces of passers â€" in all these everyday little things you need to find the highest pleasure.

I think)

Oct 2nd @ 11:25pm EDT

Even ten minutes of serious thinking per day will have a profound effect on the quality of your life.


Oct 1st @ 10:26pm EDT

When we surround ourselves with good people and good thoughts - life begins to change for the better


Sep 28th @ 6:59pm EDT

Did you have sex in the car? This is quite extreme. Other people can see you. But if you go where there is no one, it's even romantic


Sep 28th @ 12:01am EDT

Nothing replaces an old friendship. Years do not add friends, they take them away, bred on different roads. Currently experiencing a friendship to rupture, fatigue, allegiance. The circle of friends is thinning, but there is nothing more precious than those who remain.


Sep 27th @ 2:03am EDT

A person always strives to be an owner. People need to have houses in their name, cars with the right of the owner, their own companies and spouses, chained with a stamp in the passport.


Sep 25th @ 5:45pm EDT

The best way to find something is to just stop looking, and the best way to wait for something is to stop waiting.


Sep 25th @ 12:18am EDT

Nothing in this life comes easy. To achieve your goals you need to make certain sacrifices-to spend your time, to limit yourself in anything. Sometimes there are times when you want to give up everything and give up dreams. At such moments, remember how much you will get if you go further and how much you will lose if you give up. The price of success is usually less than the price of failure.


Sep 23rd @ 3:23am EDT

Men always come back. This is their nature: to achieve love, to lose interest, to quit, and then return. Moreover, they want to return when you are not interested, when life is in order and met a new love. And here he is calling you or accidentally meets on the street, offers see. And really want to do that. Because memories come.

Do you like travelling?

Sep 20th @ 3:24pm EDT

Do you like travelling? And where would you like to go on a trip? A lot of people and a lot of different opinions. Someone wants heat and sun, and someone on the contrary chooses to rest in a colder climate. Well, there are those who vyberete to the mountains to relax from the urban bustle. What did you choose?


Sep 19th @ 6:01pm EDT

Everything in our life comes and goes: money, work, things. Only people stay with us. And, only those people who are dear to us and who are dear to us. And often much closer relatives and in some ways even loved ones, become friends. Friendship is an indicator of how interesting, important and valuable people are to each other. The main qualitative indicators of friendship are such things as trust, tolerance, mutual understanding, mutual respect, the ability to meet and help, to be close in a difficult situation. True friendship is much more than just pleasant communication in a cheerful company. I really hope that in this age of technology you have at least one true friend


Nov 12th @ 11:39pm EST

My friend is going to get a tattoo with the name of his girlfriend. I told him: if you want, marry her, make bb with her, but, buddy, a tattoo is forever


Jul 23rd @ 12:27am EDT

In a poor but honest family of alcoholics lived a beautiful girl. She lived quietly and never complained. She was so quiet that everyone had forgotten her, but sometimes wondered who's that in the corner in a blue shirt. And the girl grew and grew, dumb and stooped, and quietly enjoyed life.
But once she began to notice that the jacket wants to strangle her. She wanted to remove her blouse, but his hands have forgotten how to move, and hump all the time prevented. And the older you get the girl, the more and more choked blouse girl.
And that became the girl in red girl. And all is good, but here's the problem: very tight her blouse squeezed. Wheezed fair maiden and even blue.
- Dad, dad, help! My shirt is choking!
Surprised, the father, from where the unknown voice came from, scratched his head and thought he had another attack of delirium tremens. And the girl, all breathy.
- Father, mother, save!
Then his father jump as you will drink a glass of green wine and brightened in his head. He took a sharp object and started you planning on slitting the jacket until he was left from the blouse some scraps.
When the girl was buried, the father we remembered the jacket he gave the girl on the very first day of birth. Drunk hit it head on the coffin and says:
- Forgive me, dear, that I later thought of you! And you do not have time to buy pants!!!

The man asked the angel

Jul 19th @ 12:11am EDT

The man asked the angel: â€" Want, I'll show you your life? "Yes," said the man. The angel lifted him above the ground and the man saw all his life and two pairs of traces, coming next. â€" Who's with me? â€" I accompany you your whole life. â€" And why it sometimes is visible only one pair of footprints? Is the most difficult times of your life...â€" says the angel. â€" What, you threw me in the most difficult moments ? â€" No, I carried you in my arms... quietly, angel said. Let your angel will always be there.

A woman calls

Jul 17th @ 11:35pm EDT

A woman calls a dietitian:
â€" Doctor, I think I'm overweight.
â€" Why do you think so?
â€" Yes here, today I bought a talking scale and weighed them.
And what they told you?
They said, "one, please."


Jul 14th @ 11:54pm EDT

A neighbor working in the emergency room doctor, once the evening comes and says such a case. Came a man,said that it had swallowed five rubles. ask him, they say how it happened, he says he lost at dominoes and the loser had to swallow a fiver. Well, I explained to him that in fact coin, and so find a way to leave his body and out of curiosity I asked him where he managed to lose? It turned out that was sitting at home, bored and began to play dominoes with himself. A couple of times was a fish, then lost. The emergency room of course was shaking from laughter, this idiot see not yet exist, although the people we have and the idiocy talented too.


Jul 9th @ 12:23am EDT

Wisdom often entails loneliness. The sage is good alone in your own society, alone with his thoughts, but the truly wise man does not turn away from people being in the thick of things, though his happiness and concluded in peace

When we go inside ourselves

Jul 8th @ 10:29pm EDT

When we go inside ourselves, we know that our essence, our very being, is love. All we can do is to share your love with them and others, transforming her expression into the process, and live as much as possible in accordance with this process of love. Our love is a never-ending job. We constantly clean it, nurture, sharpen and enhance. So we, at least, I think. We at the same time know that in fact love itself constantly cleans, nurtures, enhances and hones us. We try to be diligent students of love. In this place we get off the chair and sit next to you in class.

The day

Jul 5th @ 8:49pm EDT

The day was dull and gloomy. This is the fourth day the sun appeared from behind the clouds and the earth could not define when begins the evening, a when only the dawn. Day merged into continuous night, with a clear enlightenment in the daytime. The sky was a cloth, tightly woven from the threads of clouds, shadows and waves of lines between unbroken stream of sadness and longing

Respect is not fear and awe

Jul 3rd @ 10:59pm EDT

Respect is not fear and awe, is the ability to see the person for what it is and understand its unique personality... I want my loved one to grow and develop for its own sake, in its own way, and not to serve me. If I love another person, I feel unity with him, but for what it is, not as I wish it were, as tools for my purposes.


Jun 30th @ 11:42pm EDT

Phone rang and rang. She closed her eyes and sighed. What to do?
Some part of her being wanted to surrender to his violent fantasies. She hesitantly twisted the gold
the ring on the ring finger of his right hand and looked at his watch. To eleven Bob usually does not happen.
She slowly picked it up.
â€" Okay, only once, she said to him. But more than ever

The only people capable

Jun 27th @ 12:21am EDT

The only people capable of real love, and can experience strong grief. The need to love is for them anti-grief, healing them. From this moral human nature more enduring nature of the physical.

Tormented by the passions of the soul full of fire

Jun 24th @ 9:05pm EDT

Tormented by the passions of the soul full of fire. These will incinerate anything in its way. Devoid of mercy cold as ice. These will freeze anyone who they will meet. Those who are attached to things like rotten water and rotten wood: life has gone from them. These will never be able to make good or to make another happy.

Everything we have

Jun 17th @ 10:42pm EDT

Everything we have can be lost at any minute, even per second. Second... is So small relative to the clock, and so much on the realization that it will never happen again. A second before, he still loved and artfully pretended, making it the second after you are absolutely wrong.

First walk

Jun 12th @ 10:22pm EDT

First walk, do not notice, then go, see, wink...careful fit, know invited. Look time sit. come, believe, grieve. see, smile, say nothing, take hand, holding. kiss, nervously smoke. know let go, let go and forget!

Rational knowledge

Jun 10th @ 10:29pm EDT

Rational knowledge in the person of the learned and the wise denies the meaning of life, and huge masses of people, all of humanity â€" recognize this meaning in irrational knowledge. And this irrational knowledge is faith

Such a beautiful

Jun 10th @ 12:19am EDT

Such a beautiful day and the world around beautiful want to smile and just enjoy every day . I will be happy if you'll smile coming to my room . Tell me what you think, tell me your fantasies and desires and they will come true .

Today on the street

Jun 6th @ 12:36am EDT

Today on the street all day rain and it is not pleasing to me . But it's nothing I'm wrapped in a blanket, turned on your favorite movies and eat cake with a delicious tea . In General, no regrets I was very comfortable and well at home .

Good morning everyone..

Jun 3rd @ 12:30am EDT

Good morning everyone glad to see you ))) Yesterday was a busy day and very dark of course it was raining and the street did not want to go as thought so I'm on the street come summer . It was so cold and slush, but my friends still didn't let me get bored at home and we went to the Mall.

Old oddities.

May 31st @ 11:58pm EDT

You know, old people have their old oddities. My grandma collects things in the hospital puts everything into packages calls an ambulance and refusing to go to hospital. And so every six months.

Recently ....

May 26th @ 9:25pm EDT

Recently, I was walking around the city with my friends but I do not like to sit at home is very boring and we sat in a cafe . And we went to the cinema for pirates of the Caribbean was great fun . I liked it very much when I got home I immediately fell asleep probably from exhaustion .

Yesterday was a wonderful

May 21st @ 9:36pm EDT

Yesterday was a wonderful night I was out with some friends and we visited museums . We drank some alcohol and it was great fun . It was so warm and beautiful I was mesmerized by the colours of spring and the beauty of the night lights gave the night a magical explanation.

Hello everyone

May 18th @ 9:37pm EDT

Hello everyone I want to tell you how I recently went with my friends in a very interesting cafe, I was so impressed with the fact that there is no light . I'm not kidding, we even had to eat with my hands it was so unusual I recommend you all try it is very healthy I loved .

Students in th the bus)

May 16th @ 12:27am EDT

Recently I went to school and accidentally fell asleep. In the bus at the end was awakened by the conductor saying, "the Students stand up, the end". When I opened my eyes and saw an empty bus and sleeping 5 students)

Just got up.

May 13th @ 11:43pm EDT

Good morning.Just got up. Woke up in the morning, woke up and fell asleep once again. Thus each time there was a feeling that slept for ages. Again having strange dreams.

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